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A Broke Girl’s guide to garage sales.

Out with the old, in with the money in your wallet.

Garage sales are a super easy way to get rid of old clothes, shoes, accessories, unwanted junk and make money in the process. Get your friends involved and ask them to bring some of their own stuff to sell. The more the merrier! Blast some summer playlists (and stock up on yummy snacks). Set up quirky stalls using coffee tables or even old suitcases and upturned milk crates.

Encourage foot traffic by putting up signs around your neighbourhood, and create a Facebook event inviting all of your contacts. Post teaser pics of the nicest clothes you’ll be selling and promote the event by getting the word out. If you have time, maybe even put up an ad on Gumtree or one in the local newspaper prior to the day.

Grab everyone’s attention with a really bright, easy-to-read sign out the front. Last of all, just have fun with it. Even if it’s not a huge success, you’ll spend a great day goofing off with friends!!

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day


6 clothing mistakes we’ve all made

If you want your outfit to look more expensive than it really is, try to avoid these six clothing mistakes in the future:

1. Gathered Seams

These are a favourite of designers because they hide garment imperfections and make clothes more forgiving on the majority of consumers. In contrast, sharply tailored garments with flat, smooth seams are more difficult to make, more expensive and can be worn by fewer people. We all have different body shapes and sizes. The better something fits you, the less likely it is going to fit everyone else.

Look for pieces with clean lines and sharp tailoring. Choose pleats over gathered seams. 


2. Embellishments/Jewels

Nothing looks cheaper than clothes that are falling apart and missing studs/embroidery/jewels. When applied by a highly-skilled craftsman, embellishments can look amazing. But this is rarely the case with clothes purchased from Cotton On.

Focus on simple unadorned clothing and use jewellery/accessories to change the look of an outfit instead.


3. Lace

Cheap, machine-made lace can sometimes surprise us. But if you want your outfit to look like it cost more than it did, avoid cheap lace and opt instead for fine mesh. Although less girly than lace, fine mesh is feminine and see through, making you look classy and sexy at the same time.


If you absolutely can’t live without lace, stick to pieces that use lace as an accent only. Choose delicate, raw and uneven edged lace instead of lace that has been folded over and sewn like other fabrics. 


4. Multicolour, Complicated Prints

The smaller, more complicated the pattern, the more opportunity there is for designers to stuff it up. Clothes using too many colours also tend to look cheap, so choose versatile, high-contrast colour combos like black and white.

Instead, focus on simple, graphic prints, like stripes and polkadots, in versatile colour combos.


5. Sloppy finishes

Even the most expensive garment can look cheap with loose threads, uneven edges, and prints that don’t quite line up. Inspect your clothes closely when you are purchasing them and buy your own little sewing kit for last minute fixes.


6. Doesn’t fit

Seems like a no brainer, but well-tailored and fitted clothing is going to do far more for your body shape than mass produced clothing. Regardless of how expensive an outfit is, if it doesn’t fit you properly it will end up looking like sh*%.

Make friends with a tailor, and throw out the clothes you no longer wear/that no longer fit.


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“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day

I am so bored with my wardrobe…

We’ve all been there. One week we’re obsessing over our latest clothes purchase, still buzzing from ‘retail therapy’ with friends. The next, we’re struggling to decide what to wear and stressing over our bank balance. An Outfit A Day is all about buying less and choosing well. Although investment pieces are expensive, in the long-term you’ll save money with a mountain of wardrobe possibilities!

Check out for some style advice on how to take your current winter/autumn wardrobe to spring/summer, in case this terrible Sydney weather changes any time soon…. (I know, wishful thinking).

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day

I am so bored with my wardrobe….


How to maximise your pieces: A ten step guide

Have you found yourself in a mid-season style rut? Does it pain you to think of wearing galaxy leggings for another season? Did the mid-sem break leave your wallet emptier than a 9am lecture? Have no fear, you’ve come to the right place. In ten easy steps, we’ll have you looking hotter than a shirtless, Abercrombie model in the Sahara. We’ll show you how to regain sartorial creativity once more, and discover the wardrobe potential hanging right in front of you.


1. De-clutter your wardrobe

Before you can make the most of your wardrobe, you need to know exactly what you own. Sort through your closet, trying on your clothes and donating the ones you no longer wear to charity or family/friends. Don’t keep clothes because of sentimentality. If you don’t wear these clothes now, you’re not likely to wear them in the future. An excellent way to decide what clothes to keep is to use the coat-hanger trick mentioned in our earlier blog. Just turn all of your coat-hangers backwards and when you’ve worn a dress or outfit, hang it back up with the coat-hanger turned back to normal. This gives an excellent visual at the end of the month, of the clothes you’ve been wearing regularly and the ones that have barely seen the light of day. By de-cluttering your wardrobe, you’re freeing up space and making your clothes more easily accessible. With easy access comes more creative inspiration, as you are less likely to wear the same outfit simply because “it was there”. Additionally, do not keep clothes as fitspo or a reward to wear when you reach your goal weight. Instead save some money and look forward to buying a new, up top date outfit when you have reached your fitness goal.

You don’t need mountains of clothes to make a great wardrobe. Remember, quality is far more important than quantity. So get de-cluttering!

2. Tailor made

The tailor is your new best friend. Not only can a tailor repair or alter a garment, he can totally change the look of an outfit. A tailor can turn last-season’s denim jeans into summer cut-offs, and can alter clothing to better compliment your natural body shape. A tailor can turn a knee-length dress into a mini. You can even ask to have a favourite dress transformed into a crop set.

3. Organisation is key

Not to sound like a tutor around exam time, but when it comes to maximising your wardrobe, organisation is key. Sorting your wardrobe into categories (dresses, skirts, jeans, tshirts etc.), and organising by colour often helps. If you don’t sort your clothes into seasons, then the options are endless and you can use pieces all year round. For instance, teaming your favourite short sleeve summer dress with a fitted jacket, stockings and boots makes an outfit ready for autumn weather. Make pieces stand out on their own and allow your mind to create new combinations. Another tip is to put the outfits you’d love to wear more of, to the front of your wardrobe so that they are easy to see and access.

4. Get creative

Draw inspiration from friends, magazines, window shopping or Pinterest. Save images of outfits you’d like to wear and take notice of pieces you already own being worn by others. Be adventurous! Clash bold prints, team shorts with heels, wear a black biker jacket with a girly summer dress. Take pictures of your favourite combinations so that you can repeat them later. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

5. Layer it up

Seriously, one of the best pieces of fashion advice my mother ever gave me was to layer clothing. When money is tight, the easiest way to change the look of an outfit is by adding different textures and colours. Add scarves, belts, coloured stockings, tailored blazers, biker jackets, vests, tshirts under dresses, tshirts over dresses, tshirts wrapped around dresses! You get the picture. Layers.

6. Accessorise

Admittedly, I spend way more than I ought to on jewellery. But jewellery is the answer to dull and boring clothes. Jewellery never makes me feel pale (I’m looking at you, mustard sweater) or fat (screw you “skinny” jeans). But I digress. The key to shopping your closet is to first, shop your accessories. Organise your belts, scarves, jewellery, hats, headbands and put them on display. Make them easily accessible and it will only take a couple of seconds to find the perfect statement piece for your outfit next time.

7. Be prepared

(Cue Lion King music) Choose the clothes, shoes and accessories you’d like to wear the night before. Have the outfit hanging in your bedroom or bathroom, and you’ll feel more confident to wear a new outfit combination. This makes the morning rush far less stressful and makes YOU less likely to grab clothes of the floor. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean, ready to throw on. Hangers help to visualise the clothes you own, while folded clothes are often forgotten.

8. Get a haircut

Picture a woman in a floral maxi dress with long, golden locks. Now imagine that same woman with a cropped, pixie cut. Or ombre pink hair. In your mind, the dress didn’t change but her look certainly did. Why spend over $500 on a new wardrobe when you can spend $50 on a modern new haircut, changing your style for months to come. If you’re not that committed, Youtube different ways to style your hair. Your friends, colleagues and family will notice the change but won’t be able to put their finger on it.

9. Keep your closet organised


10. Get shopping

The whole point of this post is to encourage you to shop your closet but if, on the way, you discover you need a statement jacket or something that could create 10 more outfits then by all means go ahead! Just keep in mind how you can style new pieces with existing ones. After taking inventory and organising your closet, write a list of items you are missing. Invest in quality and cross-seasonal pieces, and take your wardrobe to a whole new level. You may be spending a little now but you’ll be saving in the future, I promise.

Happy closet shopping, and please feel free to share your own experiences!

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day

The month that was…

So, halfway through the month uni took a turn for the worst and suddenly became hectic. With assignments left, right, and centre, I hardly had time to scratch myself which means I became lazy with posting pictures of my outfits. This is not to say I didn’t keep up the challenge (@__anoutfitaday instagram followers can attest to this).  But with mountains of readings, tests to revise for and assignments, I didn’t look fit to be seen in public let alone plastered over social media.

To be completely honest, this whole “7 day wardrobe” has been quite challenging. Through research, I’ve discovered that instead many women opt for style challenges or jump on the #project333 and #capsulewardrobe bandwagons. These challenges involve a wardrobe of 10 or more core items, plus endless amounts of jewellery and accessories. Most women end up with a total of around 30 items (which seems much more convenient than my 7 pieces). In saying that, the past month has forced me to step outside of my style comfort zone, with clashing prints sometimes being my only option. I’ve noticed a change in my attitude to spending in general, and I’m doing A LOT more washing (which is probably a good thing).

But alas, here are some snippets from the month that was…

IMG_6145IMG_6086IMG_6222IMG_5988IMG_6043  IMG_6108  IMG_6055

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day

Hello October!


First day of the month, pinch and punch!  
A new month means a new chance to change your attitude to spending. This month, make a resolution to be more mindful of your clothes and see a dramatic increase in your savings. You know how we’re always being told how much our caffeine addiction is costing us a year? Well, think about those clothes we splurge on for special occasions, only to then be shoved to the back of the closet for being ‘too fancy’.

Try this handy tip: turn all of your coat-hangers backwards, and each time you wear an outfit turn the coat-hanger back to normal.

By the end of October, you’ll be able to see the clothes you wear and the ones you don’t. The clothes that haven’t been worn may become a source of creative inspiration, or if you’re feeling charitable, drop a bag of your old clothes off to the Salvation Army. Spring-cleaning, a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling, and an excuse to go shopping for versatile pieces? Priceless.

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day

Well, not really…


Have you ever left a store full of excitement only to get home, look down at your new purchases and be overcome with guilt? Known as post-buyers remorse, we are convinced daily by pushy salespeople and clever marketing that we ‘need’ the latest dress and ‘must have’ that useless, floppy hat when what we really need is a good look at our wardrobes.

Spending money produces endorphins and consequently, shopping is often used as a reward or a pick-me-up. But like any habit, it is easy to break out of. By changing your attitude to trends and fast fashion, you’ll find yourself content with what you already have and feel the freedom to become creative with the clothes you love. Throw caution to the wind! Invest in timeless pieces, get experimental and find your own individual style 🙂 You’ll save money and feel better about your spending in the long run.

“Change your look. not your wardrobe” – An Outfit A Day